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Dividends resulting from foreign investments are subject to taxation under legal provisions of the country where the dividend is paid. Such income is often taxed twice , also in the country of residence of the dividend’s beneficiary, according to the domestic law. As a result, it is clear that the same income suffers double taxes, firstly in the source country and then another time in the beneficiary’s country.
Such taxation can be reclaimed under double taxation agreements between two countries, as well as under European law.

Let’s take an example. When we consider dividend withholding tax levied on dividends paid to collective investment scheme vehicles in Europe, the procedure might consist of two different and independent steps: (i) reimbursement of withholding tax under a Double Taxation Agreement in force between two countries; (ii) reimbursement of withholding tax based on the breach of general EU principles and case law.

Aequitax’s strategy provides the client with a maximum result in term of tax efficiency. The road map set by Aequitax consists of two simultaneous stages: on one hand negotiations with local Tax Authorities; on the other hand immediate filing of the relevant refund claim, in order to prevent any statutory domestic deadline


– Clients’ data reception
– Completeness assessment
– First/preliminary check

–Data integration and standardization
– Verification of contents

– Setting up of database of beneficiaries and Asset

– Management Company(s) involved

– Historic denominations

– Mergers and change of denominations

– Setting up of database of banks and accounts involved

– Importing data in the official DB
– Long-term data storage 
– Full availability for the clients

– Estimated Claim Value assessment
– Issue of ECV for managerial use
– Issue of ECV for clients’ disposal

– Data processing
– Alignment/standardization for printing

– Collecting
– Collection of mandatory documents with clients and banks involved in the process
– Collection of Certificate of fiscal residency

– Printing
– Final check

– Delivery
– Shipment by authorized couriers
– Trackable packs

– Form assessment & follow up
– Monitoring & feedbacks from foreign jurisdictions/authorities
– Monitoring & feedbacks by clients on a dedicated IT system 
– Reception and reconciliation of approved reimbursements

Our Policy


  • 01

    No up-front costs

  • 02

    Litigation costs included in success fee

  • 03

    Fee payment as soon as the reimbursement is granted, not before



  • 01

    Total cost of recovery firm and clear

  • 02

    No “hidden costs”

  • 03

    No claim wasted because of “safety margins”

  • 04

    Shortest recovery time possible