Aequitax S.A., a Swiss company based in Lugano, Switzerland, represents an international network of legal, tax and banking professionals and is well recognized as a market leader in its niche in Europe. 

Our main area of expertise is to provide professional services relating to taxation of financial instruments for institutional investors and other major asset management entities/players as well as individuals.
With many years of experience in this specific area of consulting business, we have created innovative and efficient strategies that are highly valued by our clients since they almost always end up in concrete results. With our full success fee approach we are able to provide an effective and efficient service at the highest professional standards. 

Aequitax provides services for major institutional clients from Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Luxembourg as their main advisor relating to the tax and legal aspects of their worldwide investments.
With a completely independent company’s ownership and a highly skilled and flexible team of international professionals respecting strong ethic values, we have been able to show a steady growth since 2006 with specific and documented milestones.

Double Taxation

The Aequitax Process

  • Connector.

    NDA Signature Data

    – Data extraction

    – Fiscal and transaction preliminary
    – Data check

    – Opportunity assessment and evaluation (free of charge)

  • Connector.

    Contract signature

    Power of Attorney signature

  • Connector.

    Data check and X-check vs. Aequitax’ Databases

    (names, dates, codes, amounts, digits…) Fine tuning with back office and accounting

  • Connector.

    Claim form and additional docs generation

    – Residence certification
    – Claim processing with Foreign Tax Authorities
    – Chasing, follow-up and reconciliation

  • Connector.

    Actual refund management

Why you need Aequitax?

Aequitax manages the double tax reclaim process, from the dividend to the refund

Claims Filed
over 0%
tax record
Upfront Costs

•    Only service provider that has actually recovered 100% of Norwegian WHT (since 2010) for Italian mutual funds
•    Only service provider that has actually recovered French DTA for Italian mutual funds (since 2013, from 2007)

•    Only service provider that has actually recovered 100% of French WHT (Santander claims) for Italian mutual funds (as of 2013, from 2009).